Tuesday, April 24

That Sun Won't Be Shining...

Two days, two posts.  It's like a trend, but we all know that trends are flash in the pan kinds of things.

This morning I realized that I could discuss something that has been consuming a chunk of of my life for the last year and is partially to blame for my inability to participate fully in the CursingMama Internet Empire. 

We are selling our cabin.

Anyone who has been around since the inception of the Potentially Evil Empire (P.E.E.) in September of 2004 (let that sink in for a minute, I have been rambling on here for almost 8 freakin' years!) may remember that for years I reported on spending  almost every weekend in the summer on a flotational device with a cocktail in hand surrounded by family, making mischief and eating cookies. 

Good times were had at that cabin, awesome flaming smores, the best campfire hotdogs... I taught ThePrincess to water ski... I watched Gameboy get over his fear of jumping off the dock... our beloved Harley was a 2 year old in a 12 year olds body.. and our new pup Scooter found out that he LOVES water almost as much as he loves Mr.Motorcycle.

I've watched my kids and my nephews grow up there and a lot of wonderful memories were made.  

Unfortunately as time moved forward and our lives changed the cabin lost its luster.  When every trip you make to the cabin is full of work and contains none of the fun you used to have it loses its joy and becomes a burden. 

Sadly the last couple years have been more burden than joy and most of what was happy has been stained by rotten walnuts.

For many months we have been working to get everything ready for sale..cleaning, painting, fixing, new carpet..it looks wonderful and I'm sad that I won't get to enjoy it the way it is today. 

I'm going to miss big family suppers, finding my dog unexpectedly sitting alone in the lake, riding the wave runner at a speed that exceeds the allowable limit...sitting in my chair, trashy book in my hands, sun on my skin, gentle breeze off the lake, adult beverage on my left, kids giggling and playing in the lake on my right. 

If I could go back, to those happy days, before the tree happened and before the burden set in and feel THAT sun just one more time... well, you know I would.

If anyone I "know" is looking for a really nice place to make memories, be it a cabin or a "lake home" about an hour from downtown Minneapolis.. shoot me a line. 


Ninotchka said...

Bittersweet, for sure. :::hugs:::

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry. I always associate you and summer with a book, a beverage and the cabin. Hopefully your days will be a bit freer without the burden hanging over your head.

Chris said...

*hugs* Hopefully you have friends with cabins that you can still spend time at!

Jen said...

Aw, I'm sorry. :( I remember how you'd relax there and how great it was for you.

kmkat said...

Sorry, still trying to figure out Potentially Evil Empire. Reelectino of W?

And so sorry about the cabin. I too picture you on a summer weekend with adult beverage in one hand and trashy novel in the other, happily soaking up the summer sun and breeze. Only an hour from Mpls? Where was it?

sherrypg said...

Where is it? How big is it? What are you asking for it?