Monday, April 23

Prime Whine For The Guilt

I have a level of guilt for not posting more often; I'm not sure why I exactly feel guilty, but I do. 

There aren't a lot of things I can talk about here in the land of the internet that relate to my daily life, and the things that I can talk about probably are less exciting to you than they are to me.

For instance, I bought a heart rate monitor watch thing.  Thrilling for me.... anxiously anticipating it's delivery, but I'm sure you are not.  I mean really, who, besides me, cares about my heart rate monitor watch thing?  

Even Mr. Motorcycle who, after becoming tired of hearing me talk about wanting one but not being sure which one I wanted, took pity on me and helped me choose one, doesn't give a flying fruit cake about my heart rate monitor watch thing.

I however anticipate wearing it all the time and just might even name it.

Have you ordered anything lately that you are just dying to get your hands on and are kicking yourself for not upgrading to Amazon Prime so you could get it in your hot little hands super fast rather than waiting FOREVER on free shipping? Or, am I the only person who hasn't upgraded to Prime?

1 comment:

kmkat said...

I refuse to subscribe to Amazon Prime. Just a rebel at heart, I guess. I order things and then sort of forget about them so when the package shows up in the mailbox it's like my birthday!

Yeah, I'm easily amused...