Tuesday, June 18

More Than I Ever Dreamed I Could Ask For

It was my birthday the other day, I shared it with Fathers Day this year.  

There was not a lot of pomp and absolutely no circumstance for either Mr.Motorcycle or I... we ran errands, and had a mediocre dinner with service so craptacular the highlight might have been the point where they vacuumed the rug around us as we ate.

Willie Degel would've had a heart attack if he'd been monitoring this place.

Even though there were no grand gifts or parties and I am still daunted by the pile of laundry remaining to be done, nothing about the day dissapointed me.  It was a beautiful day weather wise, my kids were happy and funny and well, I spent the entire day with Mr. M. I received a few calls wishing me a happy day, a card, some hugs and a lot of Facebook messages. 

What I didn't anticipate was the best birthday present I've ever received.  A present I never dreamed I could hope for, ask for, dream of.  Just seven simple words that when put together meant more than any surprise party or Luxury Car Event To Remember ever could.
Feeling better and doing more every day.

It's a good thing I put the glass man on speed dial; if this keeps up I might even go back to mass.

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Unknown said...

Whoooot! Yay! Sounds like you share a birthday with my youngest. (He turned 13 and now I have FOUR TEENAGE BOYS living in my house.) Glad to hear the day was a good one!