Wednesday, September 18

What You Shouldn't Yell at Strangers

It's been a strange couple of weeks around the Motorcycle household and in the Widget Factory.  Lots of activities, lots of work to do, lots of things that I can't really post about right now.  

But, I caught wind of this Cragislist Missed Connection and thought I'd share it since I'm a woman, and I have a daughter, sister, mother, and friends that I'd like to think could benefit from what this writer suggests.  I also have a husband, son, brother-in-law, nephews, and friends I hope have never done what happened to the woman.

A thoughtful, well written missed connection I hope everyone reads and would like to think you'll pass on as well.

So, that's where we were. Me, minding my own business. You, apparently observing my ass. At that point you had options...... 

Also, the offender might not know this... but she totally wins!

Monday, September 9

Not an oBITCHuary

Rumors of my demise are far fetched and not to be believed.  I continue to toil daily in cubical hell and pay my debt for what ever it is I did to deserve this while awaiting my ticket out - I keep applying for tickets but haven't landed my own one way fare just yet. 

My time will come.

In the meantime I am BUSY - I know, lame excuse, but it is really the truth. 

The time of the year, a special project, and the recovering economy has led to an increase in cubical work which precludes me from having the leisure time to write posts during lunch and coffee breaks like I used to.  If I am lucky enough to get a one way ticket to a new cube that lets me ride public transportation to get there I think it's a pretty safe bet that I'll be handling these duties much more often and much more prolifically during the commute.

The Princess is a senior at St. High School now and Gameboy is legally able to purchase his own adult beverages.  When I started doing this blogging thing 12 million years ago (fine... September, 200something - possibly 2004, but I suspect that I accidentally deleted the first couple years of archives in a crazy cleaning frenzy a few years ago) these kids were still at St. School and we weren't even contemplating the financial stress of putting 2 kids through private high school... lets all stick our heads in the sand when it comes to putting 2 kids through private college.  

Thankfully Gameboy is a 2 year plan kind of guy because his sister isn't!  

Speaking of The Princess, beyond the normal hubbub of having a senior in your midst (special photos, college visits, applications, etc....) she also feels the need to be in a lot of activities. I'm glad she's involved, I just wish that all the involvement didn't eat up as much of my free time as it does.  I know I'll miss her when she leaves me for good and I do cherish the time I have now with her... but I'd like just a little bigger slice of me time pie. 

Which brings me to the last thing I'm going to use as a reasonable explanation for my absence...  Me Time!

In the last 2 years I've really committed myself to making sure I am taken care of.  That means physical fitness and social fitness - time in the gym and time with friends.  All out in the wide wide world with real life encounters, no more hermitting myself away in the house eating chips and watching bad tv - I hit the gym 4 or 5 nights a week, and try to go out with friends or just Mr. M. 1 or 2 nights a week.  Its a lot of selfish Me Time, but some weeks not enough to compensate for the time stolen in the cube.

I'm trying to stay caught up on what everyone else is doing via Feedly while I munch on my healthful lunch - but rarely have time to comment - so if there is news you think I should know leave it here for me.

Cursing Mama

PS Am I the only one scared that Christmas is almost here and I haven't done a thing to prepare for that either?