Tuesday, September 7

When Life Gives You Limes

This years back-to-school ritual has been a little bitter sweet at Motorcycle Headquarters. After 10 years of back-to-schools involving a trip to St. School, we no longer make a trip there. And, despite my great protests, my children have insisted on growing up (ThePrincess shot up 3 inches this summer) and I am now the mother of 2 freshman. It wouldn't be so painful if Gameboy & ThePrincess were fraternal twins and they were starting St. High School together...but Gameboy is flashing his college id like it's some kind of special pass to greatness.

The bills associated with this round of back-to-school have been a lot more than any other year before and I feel ashamed for every having complained in the past. Fortunately I have a good outlook on life and make the best of every situation!

When Life Gives me Limes I Make Margaritas!
No Limes - Low Cal - No Blender- Bottom Shelf

The Cast Of Characters

Back Row: Fancy Glass, Tequila
Front Row: Lime Margarita Drink Mix, Margarita Salt
Not Pictured: Ice & Water

I discovered this recipe when I spotted this box on a shelf at Target
I encourage you to buy it
- create demand -
keep them making it year round
I have no idea how it tastes in water alone

(Target has no idea who I am and I am not receiving anything for pimping this product other than hoping you go buy some so they don't stop making it because MY CHILDREN KEEP HAVING BIRTHDAYS!)

Put some water on a dinner plate

and dip the rim of your fancy glass in it
(Fancy Glass not required but I like to feel fancy so I use them)

Then roll it in the Margarita Salt

We have 2 glasses to do

Add Ice to the fancy glasses & set aside

In a separate glass measure out some tequila!

We're making 2 Margaritas so we're using 1/2 a cup of tequila

then adding One and 1/2 cups of water to the tequila
(3/4 cups per serving)

and pouring in 2 of the
Market Pantry Lime Margarita Drink Mix Packets

Stir Mr. Motorcycle Stir!
until the powder is dissolved & the tequila is all in my 1/2 of the glass.

Pour into your prepared glasses -

And Enjoy!

Also - pretend you are so young you couldn't possibly have children old enough to be in high school, drive, think about college, go to college, or vote.


sherrypg said...

I have a 5th grader and a college junior. Make mine a double.

Kathy Howe said...

No umbrella!?!?! What the hell...

Jeanne said...

A college ID isn't a pass to greatness? Oh no.

Those margaritas look good. And easy. Easy is good.

Chris said...


hillary said...

Still catching up on my blog reading. I'm having enough trouble with a high school freshman and my baby in her last year in elementary school. I'm definitely up for a margarita!