Thursday, September 9

This is not another football post

If you live in Minnesota (or New Orleans) (or love football) (or have a particular affinity to either team) you are likely aware of a sporting contest set to take place tonight. To say I am jazzed would be an understatement. Sadly I will not be in my favorite chair with a margarita and some popcorn (do not judge the combination until you've partaken) at kick-off. Instead I will be shivering in an ice rink comparing notes with other parents regarding the out of this world school supply requests we are still dealing with.

My favorite so far is a certain brand of pencil for kindergarten. Screw whats easiest for the kids to hold or the fact that they'll break them, sharpen the hell out of them, and lose them at an alarming rate only the relatively expensive pencil is allowed.

Do not get me started on the requests for specific brand names of bleach wipes, paper towels, and facial tissues.

Speaking of Football - even if you don't like football - if you are a parent, a coach, a teacher, or care about youth I highly recommend you find a way to spend 1 hour watching The Boys Of Fall (It will be rebroadcast on ESPN2 Thurs 9/16 at 1am ET & Mon 9/27 at 7pm ET - so set your DVR) .....sure it's a football documentary, but it's really more than that if you take the lessons of football (and really any sport) and apply them to life. Good, inspiring, educational stuff.

But I Digress A LOT!

After a summer of daytime sport training we are back to all practice and training ending up during prime time sitting on my ass time. And despite having 3 months of prime time sitting on my ass time, I did not get any of the things done I promised myself I would do. The house hasn't really been cleaned since the graduation party, the things that were shoved in closets for the party are still in those closets, I never got in the habit of any kind of work out program, my photos are still totally unorganized, and my box of paperwork to file has only grown.

I did read some books and come up with a blog name for our doggie but neither of those things were on the to do list.

I swear next year will be different. Until then I don't expect a lot to get done...I got football to watch and trips to the rink to keep me busy!

Go Vikes!

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