Thursday, November 5

Not Nothing

A scene from earlier this year

Setting: Garage/Kingdom of Mr. Motorcycle

CursingMama passes by alter workbench and notices some kind of bizzare offering project
CursingMama (CM): Whats that?

Mr.Motorcycle (Him): Nothing.

CM: That is not nothing.

Him: Is to.
CursingMama retrieves something from her purse
Him: What are you doing?

CM: Nothing

Him: That is not nothing.

CM: Is to.

Him: Why are you taking a picture of nothing?

CM: Because it's not nothing.

Him: You're blogging this aren't you.

CM: Of course.
I give you


You be the judge - what do you think nothing is?


Anonymous said...

Does Mr. M read Because that totally looks like a LifeHacker project of some kind...

Unknown said...

Please tell.

Chris said...

Looks dangerous. ;)

Chris said...

You need this.

Shelly said...

Can we get a 360 view on that? Because from this angle it just looks like a pop can alteration like the ones I used to do with my college roommate....

Jeanne said...

I have to say I am puzzled. What else was he doing at the time?

Anonymous said...

I confess, It is/was something. However, I told The Mrs. what it was, she just refuses to believe me.

If I told her something else, she would not have believed me then either.

Mr. Motorcycle

Keri said...

I don't know but now I want to know both his answer AND whatever alteration Shelly was doing with her roommate in college!!! LOL

Kathy Howe said...

OMG. It is so obvious! He is making me a beer can hat!

With his cutting skills and your knitting skills I'm sure it will be BEAUTIFUL!

Guinifer said...

Did somebody make a potato cannon? My kids have been making them one after the other.