Monday, April 29


Friday morning a good friend sent me and email to let me know that a favorite legend of ours had passed away. For a long time I pondered addressing death on a Friday, a day I usually dedicate to Happy Hour (but ironically did not last Friday in lieu of my thoughts on parenting through a national media circus of horror).  

Instead I chose to post about spring, a nod to hope, rebirth, a cleansing....

It's been a tough month, filled with sickness, doctors visits, tests, surgery, bad news, funerals, discord at work, and reminders of betrayal.  Every life has it's challenges and it seems as though this is a time when I am supposed to face some serious challenges.... 

But, I have had good news, I have a fantastic husband, wonderful children, a supportive group of friends I know I can count on in times of need and in the grand scheme of things I am blessed.  I also occasionally go out and find a good time... almost every week.

Which brings me full circle here... George Jones passed away last Friday at the age of 81.  

George lived a life of challenges too.....

There have been many weekends where George Jones was a "featured artist" in our self managed juke boxes; and, although we didn't know him personally and certainly aren't going to stop playing his music, we're going to miss dreaming of seeing him perform.

I love this brief vlog post from Keith Urban to the Legend

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