Friday, April 26

Spring Really Needs To Be Sprung

Finally, God willing, it appears that spring is finally in sight.  Feeling optimistic about the potential the weekend forecast brings I went so far as to ditch my puffy down winter jacket in favor of a single warm sweater and left my cowgirl boots behind and am instead rocking a cute healed sandal.

In retrospect the sandal may not have been the best idea... my feet are freezing and I completely ignored the fact that I am in need of a pedicure so there will be no foot-fetish photography.

I've been waiting for what seems like an unreasonably long time for this glimpse of warm sun, the promise of tulips, a chance to demand food prepared by Mr. M on the grill..... 

For anyone who hasn't ever lived through a full 4 seasons it's hard to put into words the joy that comes when spring really and truly begins.. it's a lot like watching television in black and white and it suddenly becoming color.  The dirt and grime of salt and sand and discarded garbage (the ugly truth under those piles of snow) get washed away and things become new and clean... in a word it is SPECTACULAR.

I'm toying with ideas about things to do in the yard again, patios, fire pits, pergolas, tables with coolers built in and carts for grilling. I'm planning parties with cocktails that remind me of days spent by the lake or on the beach....I can hardly wait for that first S'more and bonfire dog.

I'm trying to pretend that the entire family is not going to begin a full on puffing and draining marathon which is usually resistant to all pharmaceutical supplies, leaves people crabby and miserable and requires at least 2 trips to Costco for tissues. It happens every year, and yet it isn't ever as bad as the worst winter cold season.

I really just CAN NOT WAIT!


Unknown said...

I went for a walk today with just a sweatshirt!!! It was glorious!

Chris said...

I walked over to get groceries in sandals, t-shirt, and capris!

kmkat said...

You forgot to mention that faint whiff of stale urine in the air. Or maybe that is only within the city. It only lasts a day or two, then is gone. All the drunks urinating against the side of a building, all the dogs that were walked during the winter -- they all left their mark.