Thursday, August 30

Trying to put on my big girl smile

I assume, possibly incorrectly, that most people with school age children are either in the throes of getting them ready for another year of education or have just sent them on their way.

I just sent ThePrincess back to school, at 16 she doesn't require what she once did to go back to school.  Hasn't grown out of her uniforms from last spring, doesn't have a school supply list that includes an item that can only be purchased on every other Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:25 in a town 45 miles away, didn't need new shoes or a haircut. 

The logistics of it seem to get easier every year, the emotions and feeling of impeding loss are a whole different story.  I've almost always been the one to drop her at the school doors in the morning and pick her back up in the afternoon and I know that the special time I've had is quickly coming to an end. 

It won't be long and she'll be doing all the driving for herself. It won't be long until she is off to college....  Is it possible to have empty nest syndrome before they've even left?

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