Friday, August 24

Don't Ask What My Favorite F Word Is

Finally Friday and that means that I am looking forward to a weekend filled with work that doesn't take place in a windowless cube. 

A lot of progress is being made at Casa Motorcycle in the make this house look presentable department and I'm afraid if I admit what I'm up to a few people might wonder if I've lost my ever loving mind.

The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

You see, ThePrincess is entering her junior year of high school shortly, and to fulfill a promise I made to myself and my husband a little more than two years ago I am required to do all these projects around the house that make it look like we don't live there but do have a staff keeping the place in tip-top shape. 

I'm referring to the impending graduation party. 

If you weren't here for the first installment of Graduation Party Panic, let me assure you that I am doing everything I can to ensure that there is not a second installment in the series.  Instead I am hoping for a follow-up that is much less panic and far more party.

The fist time around procrastination and a to-do list the length of a city block collided in a horrible mess that quite frankly left me a shattered wreck that didn't get much sleep.  This time around things will be different.  This time around the list will be much longer, since I have almost 2 years to finish it all. 

I toyed with starting a project list on Pinterest but my willpower is waning when it comes to work and I will be VERY honest when I say I have spent far more time than is reasonable reading ecards instead of updating the address list for the graduation invitations...

Why hurry, I've got 2 years.....


Unknown said...

I've got a Bar Mitzvah on June 15th this year and a graduation the following Saturday. Oh, and another graduation in 2 years. KILL ME NOW. And no, I'm not ready and both parties will be at home.

kmkat said...

We skipped the entire graduation party thing. Elder Son didn't want one, Younger Son did but couldn't get organized enough to pick a date.