Wednesday, March 2

Sunshine Slowww Downnnn

This morning traffic was horrible. Awful. Some of the worst I've encountered in the last month.

It was perfectly dry & sunny.

We Minnesotans are apparently so taken aback when we see the sun that we have to slow down and marvel at its goodness. I willingly admit to flipping the visor up, scooting to the front of the seat, and letting the sun warm my face through the UV protective windshield while we were stopped. Didn't utter hardly a single colorful word and no sign language was used in the entirety of my commute.

I needed that sun too.

Not because anything is wrong - things are fine, just busy. And, I don't know if you are aware, but it is COLD here and there has not been a lot of sun lately.

In fact, I spent a few minutes outside the other day, in the cold just because it was sunny - no coat, hat or mittens. Facing the sun, face pitched up....eyes closed....feeling it's rays.

As you may suspect, it was cold.. but something about that sun.....

I'm really looking forward to drinking fru-fru drinks under an umbrella because it's just so darn hot & sunny.....just a few short months away..... because there is no spring break trip for me.


Chris said...

Today was the anti-sun day. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

What is remarkable to me is that there is a bit of actual WARMTH in those rays!