Friday, March 11

Shouldn't be this hard....

I wasn't going to post today; between natural disasters and personal commitments it didn't feel like today was a great day for fluff, but then I remembered this conversation from earlier in the week and I thought... well.. it speaks for itself:

A practically verbatim transcript of my conversation with Mr.Motorcycle regarding a trip to St. Paul for a thing that involves ice, skates, and hopefully at some point beer:

CM: Where should we eat before THE Thing?
MM: Who is going?
CM: You, I, ThePrincess, TheFriends
MM: Okay
CM: Okay what?
MM: Okay we should eat first.
CM: ??? (this is a look I gave him)
CM:  Where would you like to eat?
MM: I don't know, where can we go?
CM: We could go all the way downtown & eat at McGoverns, we could go part way and eat at Billy's 
MM: or O'Garas
CM: yes, or O'Garas.  Or we could eat around here somewhere
MM: Okay.
CM: Okay what?
MM: Okay to eating, they all sound good.

And then my brain exploded. It was messy and I don't have time to clean it up so if you come over to my house just ignore the splatter brain matter on the walls of the master bathroom.  I still don't know for sure where we are going to eat, but I'm not driving so I guess I'll let the driver decide. 

Missed Opportunity: Since he was in such an agreeable mood I should have asked for a new purse*!

*If you're new to these parts PURSE is codeword for car**.
**Actually we did look at new purses just last month & I thought they were so overpriced I refused to buy one and said the used purse will have to do for now.  


Anonymous said...

Thought we deciden on Billy's this morning.


Chris said...

I'm looking forward to the report back after the event!