Wednesday, November 3


I'm supposed to be on vacation today. The kind of vacation where I
still get up early and take ThePrincess to school but then go home to
do laundry, clean the hell out of my house and take care of a bunch of
stuff with red exclamation points on it - - a day from the office to
get my personal life back on track.

No internet - no email - - no widget work.

And yet, here I am writing a post between emails with some widget
people because all hell broke loose and I have to handle it NOW
otherwise I'll never get another day off ever again. Or, I'll get a
lot of days off without pay.

Still greatful to be employed


Anonymous said...

Sometimes during the up-rto-you-ass-in-alligators times it is difficult to remember that It Is Good To Be Employed. Good for you.

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Ah yes, I am taking one of those "days off" too where I get to clean the entire house before Wee 'Burb's first birthday party. Relaxing.