Thursday, October 21

My own newsletter comprised of only headlines

I was all prepared to post something entirely different today and then I got my daily dose of the Oprah newsletter and, as is customary, I swore I would unsubscribe because it ticked me off.

Today's foray into shopping wisely, saving money, and not buying things you need (with the link to the all new Oprah Store with things You Can Not Live Without OMG!) included the headline:

A Mom Who Shopped Her Family Broke

Fuck You Oprah. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

Why is it that Mom's always take the brow beating on her shows and articles about money?

When was the last time there was an article about the Dad who took the $4,000 fly-in fishing trip even though they were 4 payments behind on the car and he had to take out a whole new credit card to finance the damn trip?

How come Dad never gets called out for buying himself lunch out every day but Mom is called to the carpet because she isn't making lunches for herself and the kids at home?

Why did nobody question Dad's trip to Vegas and the cash advances he took on the credit card so he could gamble like a big roller to get the $600/night room comped and make himself look rich in his buddies eyes?

Why does it even matter how big your house is, how expensive your car is, or what brand of jeans you're wearing?? Who made these the rules for who should be the "winner"? And why is a woman with the biggest houses, most expensive cars, and a wardrobe that cost more than I earned in the last 10 years get the power to judge/chide/teach us poor folks?

My anger only builds.... When Mom and Dad appear on the show and Dad says "I had no idea how bad things were" or "I had no idea we were spending $700 a month dining out" I want to smack him and tell him to take some fucking responsibility and stop being a horses ass. Of course he knew how bad things were, things cost money and they had a lot of fucking things. They all need to pull their damn heads out of those damn.... holes.

If I scroll all the way down the little newsletter email there are some articles to bring Dad into the money conversation (and we know that's how they're written because how many men do you think are out there subscribing to Oprah's newsletters? Why am I subscribing to Oprah's newsletters?).

I'm thinking of starting my own newsletter

"Understanding Money's Role in your Family" ~ Oprah Newsletter
(recycled from a Jean Chatzky radio article circa 2008)

Without money we don't have a house to live in, food to eat or a car to drive. If we spend more than we make and save nothing we risk ending up without a car house and food.
~ CursingMama Newsletter

"A Script to Start the Money Conversation With your Partner" ~Oprah Newsletter
(recycled from an Oprah Show article circa 2009)

Hey, step up here and pay attention to what we earn and what we spend! This shit doesn't grow on trees you know. ~ CursingMama Newsletter

What Every Married Woman Should Know about Money" ~Oprah Newsletter
(Recycled Content from O Magazine circa 2005)

Protect yourself and your children. Do not be stupid and leave it all up to someone else. Doesn't matter how in love you are or how much you trust your partner; be involved in money decisions, become knowledgeable. ~CursingMama Newsletter

"Stop Fighting About Money" ~Oprah Newsletter
(You guessed it! Recycled Newsletter content from Jean Chatzky with Arielle McGowen circa 2009)

If you're fighting about money you probably have more problems then money. ~CursingMama Newsletter

Can my newsletter only have headlines because I think they kind of get to the heart of the matter?

Sorry for getting heavy, here's a cute picture to distract you

Harley, Most Awesomest Yellow Doggie Of Love,
On his way to the cabin ~ Circa July, 2009
Boy do I miss him....


Jen said...

Love this!

Jen said...

Sing it sister! More people need to hear this! In these words!

Chris said...

And you really need to unsubscribe from the Oprah newsletter. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, click that little "unsubscribe" linkie at the end. There must be one somewhere. I like your newsletter better.

Luna said...

I'll subscribe when you start your headlines-only newsletter!