Friday, October 15

Jack the Mentor

Recently I received the following video via email from Mr. Motorcycle

To which I responded:
Scooter would NEVER do that to Jack....and Benny wouldn't let him.

HOWEVER - Scooter & Jack would work together to make Benny take the heat if they shared the sandwich.

Mr. M totally agreed and we went on our merry ways.

When Scooter first came to live with us last spring we quickly learned two things:

  1. He had allergies which were undisclosed by the family that surrendered him
  2. He didn't really know a lot about being a dog or a pet
The allergy thing will always be a part of who Scooter is. Although he would probably rather not get itchy, I have a feeling if his allergies were magically cured and he lost his special allergy medicine laden peanut butter sandwiches he'd be pissed.

(Jack has been trying to pretend he needs the special allergy medicine so he too can get peanut butter sandwiches. It's hard to fake that level of itch though)

Beyond the itching we also realized that Scooter didn't really know how to play with toys. Balls were pondered but not picked up, fluffy things were passed by (Jack was thankful for this), and really the only appealing things to carry around were..well...underthings (I did not appreciate this).

Then Jack took scooter under his wing and things have never been the same.

Scooter began to bat balls around not unlike Jack bats his little furry mice around. Then little quirky things started to emerge, hauling toys out to show us, hauling toys out so the basket could be empty...all Jack'isms.

We were happy when Scooter started to really play with his toys. Benny was not pleased when Scooter learned how to make things squeak.

This week we discovered that Jack is not done teaching things to Scooter...

How you sit on the steps when your butt is too big for one step ~Jack

How you sit on the steps when your butt is too big for one step ~Scooter

Watch out world (and Benny), Jack is taking this mentor thing way too seriously.


Anonymous said...

LOL (really!) at the Pepsi commercial! Scooter and Jack are hilarious, too.

Keri said...

Having read this, you need to read the book I just finished (an advance review) called A Small Furry Prayer. I can loan it to you if you like. The section about dogs (all animals, really) learning via imitating/watching is fascinating so this post of yours? Very timely and wonderful!

Guinifer said...

Huh. I've been thinking about cats this last month. What do you think my two labs would do if I brought home a mentor for them?

Chris said...

Very cute commercial! It'd go a lot differently here. :) Chaos would steal the sandwich and smackdown the dog, for example.

I love that Jack's teaching Scooter to be a cat!!