Thursday, October 14

Dinner Conversation

Last night Mr. Motorcycle, The Princess and I went out for a late dinner.  We tried a new to us restaurant and although some of what we chose was not good enough to entice us to come back, we did love the pizza so that would bring us back.

Okay fine - pizza and the happy hour specials. 

It's very much a bar/restaurant place with televisions on all over so you are never without one in your sight line.  Typically I'm not a huge fan of the television distraction during dinner; after all I'm out with someone who should be receiving my attention rather than diverting it to a box;....but that's a different post.

Last night however we had our first opportunity to really watch the rescue of the Chilean miners, and discuss it so I wasn't as put off by the televisions.  (I had actually seen a little internet coverage earlier in the day and had glimpsed updates as one by one the miners were brought to the surface.)

Some (but not all) of the televisions had closed captioning on so if you were facing the right direction you knew more of what was happening than others.  The man in the booth behind me used his vantage point to prop up his ego for the better part of the meal. 

The captioning would give some kind of detail read by the newscaster that wasn't available in the crawl "rescue workers sent 15 liters of tequila down to the miners before the extraction began to help with their nerves" (I made that part up).

Then the man would retell the information as though it was something he knew all about "you know that the rescue team decided that tequila was the best way to handle any issues the miners might face with nerves so they sent 15 liters of tequila down the shaft for the miners to ration."

That's when his dining companion would ooh and ahh over what he said and I would throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Needless to say I don't think the rescue effort - success actually - was overshadowed by the asshat who was building his ego. 


Chris said...

Did Mr Motorcycle have to physically prevent you from slapping that guy?

Keri said...

bahaha... that's actually hysterical. Leave it to you. :) I love you, girl.