Tuesday, October 12

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Other than the short hair & the color of the shirt - that is almost exactly what I look like right now.

Wait - the lightening is coming out of my fingers and being directed at people who are sending me stupid emails, wasting my time, and being general all around (insert nasty word of your choice here). Is it a full moon? Can I blame this on the refs?

On a better, lighter, more wonderful note:
The weather here in the frozen tundra has been STUNNINGLY FANTASTIC for so many days in a row I may just consider moving my desk outside or at least doing something drastic like packing a pair of running shoes & getting exercise during my lunch hour..... imagine the surprise of my cube mates when I come back all glistening (I don't sweat) from a brisk walk (I don't run) in the industrial park, taking in the sights of all the graffiti marked loading docks and smelling all the diesel fuel...they'll be so envious.

I'm taking all the sun I can get now because I know what is in my future and although it's pretty when its falling it isn't great once it's on the ground.

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Chris said...

Must enjoy the weather while we can!!