Wednesday, October 6

Some Of The Best Of Me

Sometimes my best work comes in 140 characters or less. I don't know if it is a statement on the capacity of my brain, a statement on the world today, or a testament to my incredible ability to edit out the crap. I tried linking the Tweets up here so that they'd magically appear once a day, but I quickly realized that somedays I have some wild and drunken twittersations with a few local bloggy friends and my side of the conversation gives the appearance that I am (A) an alcoholic, and (B) bug nuts.

Here are some that I am remarkably happy with that may or may not reflect my current state of mind:

Ahhh the politics of life in a cube farm. Lesson 1) The person you threw under the bus last year still remembers & will get revenge.

Sarcasm is often wasted on those with no sense of humor

I have returned from happy hour! The good news is I'm happy and it was more than an hour. Bad news is it's over.

Okay, that last one wasn't exactly sober but I was happy. It had been preceeded by this, so I believe I was entitled:

Demanding more than you've rightfully earned is selfish when you are taking away from what others have worked hard for.

That was not a political statement, it was a widget inspired statement.

Doesn't matter how much or what color lipstick you use, Greed can't be made pretty.

Despite all the things I said earlier I would like 2 add the caveat that if it involves me & margaritas a nice pink gloss makes greed pretty.

There are those who believe Twitter & Facebook have ruined blogging and that all of this social media and instant publishing is killing creativity. I wonder... isn't that why I was here in the first place was to hone my own creative spirit? What am I supposed to do with that thought now?

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Chris said...

It's interesting - the knitblogging community really got hit by Twitter, Facebook, and Ravelry. The bookblogging community? Not so much.