Monday, November 8

Fall Back Plan

This end of Daylight Savings Time thing has really thrown my body clock into a whacked out pattern. I'm waking up & falling asleep at odd times, I'm losing time throughout the day, and I'm back to commuting with daylight - and people who don't own visors or sunglasses.

I'm not the only one to feel the affects of the time change either. Scooter, Jack, and Benny are all wondering around wondering what the hell happened to their scheduled dinner time and they're doing a darn good job of voicing their opinions about the hour delay. Last night I tried to prove that I wasn't delinquent but apparently I've been delinquent in my job as mom because not a single one of them could tell time.

I know things will get back to their normal level of whacked out soon, but it never ceases to amaze me how getting some magical hour back causes so much havoc. And I had been looking forward to that hour too.


Chris said...

Strangely, going on vacation has been helpful, because I was sort of getting on CA time before I got home Thursday.

The kitties are not happy about the dinner thing. Chaos is LOUD and May just gazes at me with deep disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I must have a really weak body clock because the spring ahead/fall back thing doesn't bother me at all, except if I have to get up early on that Sunday morning in April. Which has never happened.

Anonymous said...

I can handle the "fall back", but the "spring ahead" always seems to beat me up.

hillary said...

This falling back has knocked my whole family for a loop. Yesterday we all came home in desperate need of a nap. Just totally out of sorts.