Thursday, November 18

Positive Assitude

Today I woke up exhausted and figuratively on the wrong side of the
bed. I tried to convince myself that hitting the snooze just one more
time would not make me late for work or to drop ThePrincess off at
school. This, of course, was not the case so I dragged myself out
from underneath the warm covers into the cold late fall air and began
my day with a serious case of assdrag (true medical term).

I woke up ThePrincess in a manner that is possibly not befitting a
respectable and nice mother.
I started the shower and stepped into freezing cold water.
I shampooed my hair.
I poured conditioner into my hand and cussed myself for it because I
hadn't shampooed yet.
I struggled with the cap to the conditioner bottle and put the
conditioner back into the bottle.
I shampooed my hair and felt a striking shock of deja vu.
I conditioned my hair and cursed myself.

Regular getting ready to the races...

I got stuck behind the woman in the black Nissan Sentra.I have
encountered her before.
She currently holds the title of Worst Commuter Driver Ever.It's been
hers for more than a month
I see her just about every single day. She was looking to improve on
her previous score this morning.
I awarded her 9 points for execution and 10 points for cluelessness
(is to a word)
Total score 19 out of 20

I arrived in my humble cube and spent 45 minutes on the phone with IT
Rather than correcting the problem it is now worse. Much worse.
I awarded it 10 points for execution and 8 points for cluelesness.
Total score 18 out of 20

And in that moment, when I hung up with the IT guy (nicely but not
happily) I decided that these people and things were not going to ruin
my day. And, since then, despite a multitude of crappy things and
being confronted with several extreme cases of asshattery I have held
fast to this positive attitude.

It's a whole lot easier to take the bad news when I don't let it pile on.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I've been looking to diagnose my morning illness for years now. Assdrag, drink 2 pots of coffee and call me in the afternoon.

Unknown said...

I hope today is better. I hate those days. I'm just very glad it's finally Friday.

Chris said...

Yes, it's Friday. Yay!!!!

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Did IT tell you "it shouldn't do that?" That's typically how they "help" me.