Sunday, November 28

Jeepers Peepers

It has been...well....a few probably 10 days since I
hopped into my account here. I would love to report that I spent
those 10 days productively, or on vacation, or even doing something
important but I can't. Unless eating too much, laying on the couch,
and getting caught up on old episodes of various Bravo reality
programing fulfills any of those things.

I did balance the check book & have a good start on my holiday
shopping. I also went to the movies, which I haven't done for years -
but I must see each Harry Potter movie in the theater otherwise I
could possibly lose my fingernails or something. I's just
a rule.

Now I'm trying to prepare myself for re-entry into the world of the
employed people who get up before the sun, wear something other than
holey yoga pants, and do worklike things. GAH

I wonder how it will all go tomorrow...I may need a nap around 11:30
and I will totally need a drink by 5:00.


Chris said...

Damned work. *sigh*

Guinifer said...

Over here, I blame it on apathy.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Nah. Sometimes relaxing IS important. Hope you enjoyed it. :-)