Thursday, December 2

Nothing to do with Christmas Shopping or Spirit

Recently in my home:

The Setting:
Gameboy has decided to bless Mr. Motorcycle and I with his presence; we are watching According To Jim. I paused the television with this character featured on the screen

looked to Gameboy and asked "Do you know who this is?"

Gameboy: Dana

CursingMama: Not the characters name, her real name.

Gameboy: Ummm No. But she's hot.

CursingMama: Kimberly Williams Paisely. Mean anything to you?

Gameboy: Related to Brad Paisely?

CursingMama: His Wife.

Gameboy: Damn, I'm gonna have to start a country band now too. All those country guys get the hot women. Keith Urban, Tim McGraw...(you could see the wheels turning in his head)

I don't think he's going to quit the heavy metal band, or the alternative band...I wonder what kinds of women those bands attract.....


Unknown said...

This is AWESOMEsauce! I don't think my 12 y/o can be motivated by that quite yet. He seems to have no shortage of girls after him and he's definitely heavy metal. (I would prefer alternative myself)

Anonymous said...

Some nice girls like bad boys.

Mr. Motorcycle

Chris said...

Um. The heavy metal band girlz are teh skeeriest!