Friday, November 12

Send Tequila

Today I am inundated with teen age girls and the only thing I can say
about them is that they are loud. They start out loud, get louder,
project everything, and give me a whopper of a headache.
Then I have to be the big bad icky mom and remind ThePrincess that we
need to keep things quiet because Mr.Motorcycle is working from home.

The quiet lasts about 15 seconds.

So, I'm wondering. What is it about girls this age (and earlier) that
leads them to be so obnoxious when in groups? ThePrincess is nothing
like this on her own - not everything is jumpy and huggy and loud
until another of her species is near....even Gameboy's gf will cause
this abrupt change in behavior. BUT Gameboy's regular guy friends
don't bring this out in her.

I need ear plugs and a Margarita.


Guinifer said...

Offering sympathy with a tequila chaser.

Jeanne said...

Yeah - I don't know what it is either. I imagine I went through that phase too, but it's hard to imagine.

Anonymous said...

This does not make me feel any better about things potentially getting quieter in my house. Now I need some (ahem...) more wine.

Chris said...

*passes more tequila*