Friday, September 24

The Mulligan - Frequently (or not) Asked Questions

So I come cruising by here last Friday, drop a bomb and then "poof".
No explanations, no response to comments, Just silence.

I thought the best way to handle my absence & neglect would be to turn your comments into a FAQ kind of thing - basically a different version of bullets.

The Mulligan - FAQ:

MoMMY Says/Asks: I can't wait to see the changes!

Answer: Me too! But I wouldn't go holding your breath or anything because I am the busiest I have ever been at work and at home. Things will likely come slowly and I would consider molasses in January quick.
Vicki Knitorious Says/Asks: Wow!!!!! Maybe that's what I need! Wipe the slate (with back up) and start anew... Hm. I can't wait to see the changes, too.

Answer: I am a shameless enabler, so I say DO IT! (see above regarding changes)
Guinifer Says/Asks: Well - I'd like it if you kept your recipe posts - they're kind of a standby at our house! Otherwise- clean slates are a magical thing!

Answer: I'm glad you like the recipes! I'll make bringing them all back a priority over the other changes. They are all safely backed up so it shouldn't be a big deal.
Keri Says/Asks: LOL. I've had so many clean slates... But usually with no warning. Have fun!

Answer: I know - you have more than once made everything go bye-bye including your domain. Fortunately I know your email address so I can stalk you in that manner. Stalking via email is fun!
Chris Says/Asks: Wow, all your archives, *poof*?! You're very, very brave. :)

Answer: Well, not THAT brave. They are saved & easily accessible in a different private web location. I am officially a hoarder of blog posts.
Annonymous Mr. Motorcycle Says/Asks: Does this mean you are thinking of coming out of the blogger closet?

Answer: Are you kidding? Do you know the people I know in real life? (yes) There isn't a chance in hell that I'm going to start being more open about this. This is my place - not a place for people to go peeking around unless they are either (a) complete strangers (b) former complete strangers or (c) invited. You I invited - everyone else, not so much.
Jen Says/Asks: Yeah, what Mr. Motorcycle said! And don't you go disappearing; I think you're the only blog I still read from when I started reading 5 years ago!

Answer: I'm not disappearing, will not be invisible, just cleaning house. It might be a hoarders thing.
Hillary Says/Asks: Wow! That's brave. I can't imagine wiping it all clean although I bet that it's freeing.

Answer: It was a lot easier than you'd think! I backed everything up, picked a few to keep and then went to town with the delete button.
CursingMama Says/Asks: So! now that you've done this and you're all free and clear and all that nonsence are you ever planning on going back to some kind of regular posting or is this really just step 1 of a phase out.

Answer: I have no intention of phasing out, I really love this place. BUT! I'm really super busy - and life takes priority over blogging, it has to be that way. So, until I'm back in a more regular fashion I'll just distract you with pretties and quizzes and meme's Oh My!

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