Monday, September 27

If You Could Choose One Thing

I think most people have something they feel strongly about, something they have passion for. I know men who prefer Fantasy Football to their families and women who spend the grocery money on expensive shoes. I know parents who believe their child is destined for Harvard/Yale/Princeton and children who believe their driveway basketball skills will ensure their #1pick in the NBA draft.

I would be foolish to say that having passion for something is overrated; for a lot of people they are important parts of life and help them get through tough times. Of course sometimes people take them to an unhealthy level...

I have passions, they typically don't center on one thing but rotate and change depending on my mood or lifes place; I try not to let them engulf me but I'm not always successful. Most of my passions fall under the heading of hobbies, I love to read, garden, knit, take pictures, bake, cook... each one takes it's turn as the #1 thing I love to do.

My children have passions too; for the most part they remain healthy and I feel like it's part of my job to make sure they stay balanced and find more than one passion in life.

When I first started this website Gameboy didn't have the passion he has now, didn't own any guitars or a large & loud amp, didn't spend hours unintentionally serenading the neighborhood with classic rock riff's, and certainly didn't utter the words "performing arts". Times change, he's changed, but he still loves him some video games.

I don't think ThePrincess had her particular passion in place yet back then either. I think she was dabbling in it, but certainly not at the time commitment she puts in now. Unlike her brother she can not go to her room and skate whenever she feels like it. She must wait (oh the tragedy of it all) until her scheduled ice time comes to hit the ice; there is no "I need a break from homework skate for 10 minutes" , and every minute she is on the ice costs us a little more time & money.

Personally I wouldn't change their passions for anything. They are cheaper than therapy (sorta), they work their minds & bodies and they are something they can take with them into life and enjoy hopefully forever.

Not long ago a local morning radio show posed the question:

"If you could have one thing from a celebrities life, other than money, what would that be?"

The answers ranged from "The Maid" to "The Private Jet". As I was listening at the office I was voting for the full time maid, hoping she did windows. Mr.Motorcycle and ThePrincess coincidentally were listening to this same program and the following exchange was reported to me by Mr.Motorcycle (guess what his passion is - ME! okay, and Motorcycles, whatever)

Person on Radio: "I'd take **(some celebrity I can't remember) Malibu Beach House"

ThePrincess: Me Too! I'd take that beach house.

Mr.Motorcycle: For someone who spends so much time on the ice that seems like an odd choice.

ThePrincess: Do you know how much those things sell for? I'd sell it and buy more ice.


Chris said...

LOL! Maybe she could just find a celebrity who owned an ice rink and take that. :)

Melina said...

well I'd choose their million or so twitter fans, then it would be a hellova lot easier to get a 'platform' for my writing.

Or, or their wardrobe, depending.

-Melina from the wilder coast