Thursday, September 30


I finally figured out what would be appropriate online name for my doggie. Actually I had picked this name out weeks and weeks ago, but then I forgot to do this part of the name thing.


Then, if you can believe it, we spent 12 million dollars in veterinarian bills for him in less than a month and I thought about calling him bankruptcy.

I'll stick with Scooter, and it has nothing to do with that thing that some dogs do when their back ends need special attention. Instead it has everything to do with what happens when you tell him to sit, lay, stay - and then you go sit down for dinner. Slowly, in small little bursts he will scoot his way (in army crawl position) across the room so he is eventually laying nicely beneath the table where crumbs can be gotten before Jack gets to them.

Jack is not amused!

He is also feeling blury


Keri said...

Scooter is beautiful, in a very handsome doggy way. (And Jack, as always, is very distinguished (and not hiding!))

Chris said...

Poor Jack. Woe. Woe! Hopefully Scooter is healthy again!