Monday, March 18

I really don't like game shows when they become your life

I am stuck on a game show and it isn't a dream.. because this game show is nothing like Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy where my superior skills and knowledge give me an edge.  Instead it's a a lot like a nightmare because I'm stuck on Survivor Island, there is no million dollar prize, and I can't leave until I find safe transportation off the island and a new island to land on. 

Source: via Cursing on Pinterest

The teams are divided, there is nobody you can trust, and the leaders get more ruthless every day in their quest to own all the things.  And not a single one of the male participants should take their shirt off - EVER! (I am not wearing that bikini either - I brought a mu-mu as my luxury item)

I thought for a time that I had an alliance with a teammate and that alliance helped me get through the most grueling of times. I learned that I was played a fool when I was called into a meeting with the Chief and things that I had talked about with my so called confidant were thrown in my face (word-for-word I might add); rules were made to benefit the turncoat and penalize me.  

Now, the person who I thought I could trust is openly hostile to me. The Chief is refusing me my allowed rations and other teammates are taking advantage of my lowered status in the group. 

I spend a lot of time making sure that I don't end up on a hastily constructed raft of rotten palm trees with no fresh water; even though I have really earned extra rations and a higher status in the group. 

 Sucks when others take credit for starting the fire and cutting all the firewood when they really spent their day playing with the tic-tac-toe board I made.  You know what else sucks.. getting yelled at for not catching enough fish when the team refuses to share the fishing poles.

Don't even get me started on the reward challenges .. the other teams are HUGE and although I hear there is a lot of infighting in those teams, they somehow always come together to win all of the challenges. 

I've been trying for months to get off Survivor Island, to find an island where I'll be appreciated, valued and rewarded. Unfortunately coming from this island, where the teams are vengeful and untrustworthy, I can't even ask anyone for help or feel confident that they will tell other islands the truth about how hard I work, how much I bring to a team, how my skills really are something worth rewarding.  

Strangely this fight on survivor island has renewed something in me, given me a different perspective, caused me to reevaluate where I thought I wanted to head and how much I thought I wanted to accumulate. I'll get off this island for sure...I know that I can live up to the Survivor Tagline and "Outwit....Outplay...Outlast" them all......and I'm making darn sure that my next destination isn't just another season of survivor.


Unknown said...

I'm so sorry your island sucks so much. It's amazing how it can make your whole life & outlook suffer. If there is anything I can do to help you find another island, please, let me know. I would be honored to help.

Ninotchka said...

Oh, man. I hope you find what you need so you can walk away from that toxic environment with your head held up high and without compromising your integrity. It's HARD but sometimes it's just best to leave the game altogether and take some time to gather your thoughts. Many hugs to you!

kmkat said...

Good luck to you! (Want to work downtown? My firm is always listed as one of the best places to work. E-me if interested.)