Thursday, May 12

Reviewing The First Husband

Now thats a post title if EVER I wrote one! HA!
This actually has nothing to do with Mr. M. even though he is my 1st and only husband (no brother husbands for me!)

What this is really about is my review for a great new book from Laura Dave called The First Husband and my review of it over on that other website where I like to give my opinion.


Anonymous said...

That IS a great post title. I should go write that post. But I'd probably be sued. We've been divorced for 20 years, I rarely (hardly EVER) see him and he still continues to piss me off in great BIG ways.

There. You have my review.

Anonymous said...

Sued? Sooed? Moooooooooo. Sewed? Blues? I haven't had enough coffee yet. Something about that word looks wrong but I'm too damn lazy to look it up. *yawn*