Friday, March 8

My Labels Are Out And My Grudges Last

This morning I heard a sound bite on the radio that made me laugh out loud

"I'm drinking until I forget the 1999 NFC Championship..... "

It hit home for me since I couldn't cheer for the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl last month based on my belief that Brian Billick is responsible for the knee Randall Cunningham took during the 1999 NFC Championship game so he (Brian Billick) could interview for the head coaching position with the Baltimore Ravens who won the 2000-2001 AFC Championship Game and Super Bowl 35.  Therefore the Baltimore Ravens are also responsible for the Vikings loss in 1999.  

And that, my friends, is the level of grudge I am willing to hold (in sports).

I'm also superstitious about sports which the marketing people at Budweiser must have heard about because they designed an entire campaign whose purpose was to gain a significant increase in beer sales simply by swaying me away from my regular adult beverage of choice to their low calorie offering by showing me new ways in which to sway the outcome of football games.

It all started with this ad at the beginning of the season..... 

I may (fine.. DO) develop superstitions during the season, they need to evolve based on their success rate and change entirely if they fail.  I found this commercial that I KNOW a chair can have special powers, I had just never considered changing it's abilities....

Unfortunately for the marketers at Bud, all of their commercial efforts to get me to change my favored label of beer fell on deaf ears. I've had enough beer over the years and I know exactly what I do and don't like; clever commercials won't sway me.  (and I wonder if they sway anyone - those Black Crown commercials they aired were AWFUL!) But, I sure did enjoy them and I do have a few more tricks up my sleeve to help get my Vikings to the Super Bowl.  

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KinnicChick said...

aw. you poor delusional thing.