Monday, March 4

I went to the home & garden show and all I have is a kinneared photo to show for it

On Friday I teased about my trip to the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show.  A field trip I haven't taken for quite a few years and was really looking forward too.  I thought for sure I would take a lot of pictures on Instagram.... probably making this space a mass of crazy.

I took one photo & it was not for the blog... it was for my sister who knows nothing of the blog. 

Long story short we used to be related (by marriage) to a felonious person that has committed numerous crimes, defrauded many people, and is a compulsive liar - this person now owns their own "construction" company (i assume it's a front to take money & not complete work) and was at the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show. I spotted the felon - ducked and ran... but just far enough to kinnear him for my sister.  Then I avoided that area like the plague.. part wimp, part self preservation.

Lesson learned the easy way: Contractors at the Home & Garden show have not had their credentials investigated or verified... 

When I was a kid I remember the Home and Garden show being a fascinating place filled with the latest and greatest of home products, some demonstrated by contractors, some by manufacturers... things have changed.

I went with a simple list of things we (probably really just me)  wanted to nail down before the snow melts so all the work we (probably really just me) want done before next fall gets done.  

  • Concrete patio - maybe colored - not stamped (eventually we will add natural stone when time & money magically materializes) 
  • Solid hardwood floors installed 
  • New kitchen cabinets installed
I came away with a countertop sample, a concrete vendor (not the installer, just the guy that delivers it) and that photo I mentioned earlier.  

A lot of booths had notes that they would be back in 10 minutes, a lot of booths were staffed by people I wouldn't buy a fast food hamburger from much less give the keys of my house too, and a some booths had NOTHING to do with homes or gardens (massage anyone?). 

I'm glad I didn't invest the $13 per person to get in (we had a groupon) and the  $9 parking fee was worth it for the photo. Sadly our exciting date night didn't improve after we left, but I'll save the really bad restaurant experience for another day.


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