Friday, December 21


I had such high hopes for a real post here running up to the holidays... I have failed.  I have been thwarted by work, holiday obligations and a nasty man cold that I had once a few weeks ago and have managed to get again.

Helpful Tip:
If you feel like your old skool (expired from the pre-drivers license days) cold medicine isn't doing its job, do not take a 2nd dose with a tall coffee an hour later.  It'll make you shakier than a a crack addict getting a big ole' rock for free.
The good news is that I have managed to gut it out for 4 of the last 5 working days (one day was spent sleeping in a coma like state) and am coasting toward an epic 11 cubicle free days.

It's my present to myself.

The shopping is done, the Snickerdoodles have been baked, the cards are in the mail... I only need to wrap the gifts. And, as an added Christmas bonus we are not hosting anyone in our home.... so I don't even have to clean the house if I don't feel like it.

I'm sure I'll do that, and laundry, some organizing, and relaxing along with continuing my search for the next cubicle location.. all of which could appear hear visually via the magic of Instagram.

Happy Holidays!

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Chris said...

I hope you're feeling much healthier and that you're having a wonderful season/vacation!