Friday, February 3

Maybe 600 pounds is exaggerating

Last Night......while bothering visiting with ThePrincess as she did homework...

CursingMama:  I feel like runny dog poop

ThePrincess:  (rolls eyes) That's gross.(continues with homework)  

CursingMama: Fine. This cold is kicking me in the ass and I feel like a 600 lb man has taken up residence in my lungs.

ThePrincess: (loud sigh) That's better. (continues with homework)

CursingMama:  I think your dad might have a Man Cold though.

ThePrincess: (very worried look) That's not good....not good at all.

Fortunately Mr. Motorcycle is well aware of the Symptoms of the Man Cold and is trying desperately to fight them off.  I appreciate his diligence because, truth be told I may have had a slight case of Man Cold myself on Monday but did my best not to bother anyone with it other than the moaning and whining from the recliner where I slept most of the day.  

Beware... I hear the Man Cold is going around....

1 comment:

Chris said...

Here's hoping NO ONE gets a Man Cold at your place!