Tuesday, January 31

I Caught A Big One!

Technically, I'm not much of an angler. I have my own pole, and I'll even put my own bait on the hook but beyond that I am pretty much done.  I don't select the "sweet spot" I don't choose the bait, fly, spoon, whats a rig a majig, and I avoid taking what ever I may catch off my hook.

Doesn't matter if it's a fish, seaweed, or garbage.

I don't participate for long, if at all, and I do not look forward to fishing in a boat, from the dock, from shore, on the ice or even in an ice house.

Casual participator at best.  Which is why, other than the previous introductory information, this post has nothing to do with fishing despite it's title.

What this post is really about is the head cold I'm fighting. It's a doozy and couldn't have come at a worse time. 

All the stuffed up numbed brain tissue is having a very hard time putting two coherent words together.  I'm kinda dizzy in my office wondering if my head might explode.  I have coworkers who told me I should have stayed home, which I would have loved to do except my boss doesn't want me to go home - he wants me hear working, saving his back end from the frying pan.

Which is ironic because that is where fish go

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Chris said...

Ugh. Maybe you should stay home tomorrow... Hope you feel better soon!