Tuesday, February 14

Every Day Celebration

I woke up this morning with a million little things dancing around in my head.  My to do list is long, my want to do list longer.  I stumbled into the shower and began mentally composing yet another victim impact statement to the Walnut Tree (not that there will ever be the opportunity to give it, it is my current way to try and make sense of what the tree is doing).  

I realized somewhere between shampoo and conditioner that today is valentines day and this week is my anniversary week and through this craptacular year I have been blessed (more than I maybe deserve) with an amazingly strong and wonderfully loving husband.  

I don't think we are doing anything special for today's Hallmark holiday - and if the calendar is correct the day of our 21st anniversary will come and go with little fanfare because we will be participating in events for ThePrincess, and that is okay. 

I don't need* fancy jewelry, a surprise dinner out, flowers, or even a card; we celebrate what we have every day. I think not taking our relationship for granted the other 363 days a year is what makes it strong enough to withstand the tough times and helps keep each of us individually strong every day.

*Of course I wouldn't turn down fancy jewelry, a surprise dinner our, flowers or a card even though we agreed that we were going to let things be low key this year.  I'm a girl for goodness sakes! What girl doesn't like to be romanced, wooed and showered with gifts from her love?!?


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mr. M.

Jen said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Anniversary!
Keep your sanity.
Burn down the tree.

Chris said...

Happy Anniversary!!