Wednesday, May 11

Wee Little Popcorn Hulls Are Still Vegetables

{one} what profession have you always admired?
I'm tempted to say Public Service - fire, police, rescue.. you get the picture.
But sometimes I think I admire their spouses & families more.

{two} what would the title of your memoir/biography be if it was written today?
Dealing with The Rough Patches

{three} how far do you commute to work?
between 10 - 12 miles... depends on the route

{four} are your earlobes attached or detached?

{five} do you eat the unpopped kernels of popcorn at the bottom of the bag?
it's still a vegetable

{six} what is the strangest gift you’ve ever received?
Isotoner glove & umbrella set circa 1978 - in 2002

{seven} what is one tv show that you wish hadn’t been cancelled?
Just one?!?! Pushing Daisy's
I'd say Ally McBeal, Friends, Sex & the City - but those weren't Cancelled

{eight} what is something that you are saving money for right now?
A vacation!

{nine} what hobby would you like to take up?
I think we know that I have enough hobbies that I don't already participate in

{ten} how many times a year do you get really dressed up?
3 or 4 - banquets and a few charity events

1 comment:

Chris said...

Wow, that Isotoner thing seems like outta control regifting?!