Tuesday, May 10

It's Party Time!

Where was this topic when I was planning a big party to celebrate Gameboy's Graduation from St. High School? I learned a lot from that foray into planning a major celebration at my house.... let's see if I can come up with some good tips for those of you who are facing a similar challenge.

10 Tips for Throwing a Big Party

1.) Do Not Procrastinate - In the beginning set a reasonable schedule for when tasks should be done & stick to it. When will your "environment" tasks be done? When will you finalize the guest list & send invitations? What day will you scrub the toilets & what day will you order the cake?

2.) Do Not Set Goals You Can't Meet - don't plan to replace all the carpet in the house, have all the rooms painted, all the windows washed, and some professional landscaping done on a budget of $500. Likewise, don't plan projects for yourself that are next to impossible to complete in the time you've alloted.

3.) It's Never Too Early To Start Planning - But It Can Be Too Late. How big is your party, how many people are coming and what are your expectations? Planning for 20 people is a lot different than planning for 75; just as a pot-luck is quite different from a formal dinner party with a wine pairing at each course. (Who wants to invite me to that formal dinner with wine pairing?!?! - don't all jump at once!)

4.) Embrace The RSVP - but Don't Live By It. If you can reasonably request an RSVP (formal dinner) go for it - but don't expect that everyone is going to do it, or be honest. Prepare to be surprised by who comes & who doesn't... regardless of what was said.

5.) Find Help. In the land of graduation party's (or others) often you can barter for help from friends & family so that you can enjoy your party. For example.... maybe your BFF will take on the responsibility for keeping the buffet line stocked & good condition so you can spend more time with guests.

6.) Don't Sweat The Small Stuff. Trust me, the only person who knows that the 4th tile from the wall in the master bathroom is loose - is you. Let it go, focus on the toothpaste the kids still haven't learned to rinse from the sink And, if someone is so rude as to point out that tile ~ they're probably not someones opinion you should value.

7.) Don't Buy or Prepare More Food Than You Will Reasonably Serve - or Store Afterwards. Some things keep, some things don't....keep that in mind when planning your menu and buying your food.

8.) The Weather Probably Won't Do What You Want. We've been rained out, snowed in, and hotter than hades in April... have a back-up plan for what happens when Mother Nature pulls the rug out from under you.

9.) Back-Up Meal. What?!? I'm talking one or two things for that person who you totally forgot was allergic, vegan, what have you.... it isn't that hard & it doesn't have to be fancy, but you'll feel better when they walk through the door & you can say "Jan, I've got a special meal for you!"

10.) Be Creative. So, the last 12 graduation parties you went to served hot dogs & hamburgers... what ever will you serve? How about pasta (noodles can be cooked ahead & stored in ziploc bags - frozen even if you've made too many), walking tacos, cold cuts..... think outside the box and not just with the main course.

Now if you'll excuse me, The Princess graduates in a few years and I've got some planning to do.

PS - don't get Awesome at your party... unless you've got a wingman whose got your awesome back.


parchet stejar said...

Nice tips, if you respect them you will have a very nice party for sure, Thanks for sharing with us.

parchet stejar said...

Interesting advices, i will follow them when i will organize my next party, thanks for sharing it.