Wednesday, February 9

The Time I Survived A Chipmunk Attack!

Monday Kmkat posted a video intended to be cute...sweet... one of those ooh ahh kinds of cute things.

I was scared out of my mind! You have to know there is a story for this...

*Cue Dramatic Music*

When I was in those tween years I was the proud owner of a white & yellow striped cat with a name that was too tame for his prolific hunting self. (See scary large dog named Fluffy) Socks (bet you can't guess why I named him that) spent most of his time wandering the neighborhood, getting busy with the ladies & holding down the dreaded rodent population made up mostly of chipmunks.

He did a good job with the rodent population (I don't want to know how often he "scored") ~ and as a rule never brought his kill into the house to show them off. He did like to leave his kill bring on the deck after all the fight had left their tiny bodies.

Disconcerting to find a dead chipmunk on the deck - sure.
Glad that there was only one... Oh YEAH!

One fine summer afternoon I found myself sitting on the deck enjoying the sun and a book I probably wasn't supposed to be reading (Harlequin from the drug store) when Socks decided I needed a present. I was his favorite person.

What he gave me was not a dead chipmunk... nope he brought me a real half-alive chipmunk!

I named him Chippy....

Quickly I went into superhero / veterinarian / chipmunktarian mode and tried to rescue innocent Chippy from the fangs of Socks. I coaxed, prodded and eventually pried the mouth of the great beast open - and manged to get Chippy safely into my hands!

I was VICTORIOUS and would go down in history for my valiant efforts.... and then the little fucker sprung to life, bit my thumb and RAN OFF!

Of course I didn't tell my mother I'd been bitten because I knew I'd end up with 13 shots in my stomach ...... Somehow rabies seemed the better option.

I lived secretly in fear for weeks following the episode, if I got thirsty I was sure it was the first sign of mouth frothing, if I felt tired I KNEW I was taking that slow slide into coma....

But, I lived. Aren't you happy??? Me too!


Chris said...

Oh, maybe you have super-late-onset rabies. ;)

Anonymous said...

So you were a scaredy cat teenager, too? I would have been afraid to tell anyone I was bitten either.