Monday, February 7

Puppy Dog Eyes

I feel like I'm starting to repeat myself.....It was another busy weekend.

We didn't do the same things that we did the weekend before, and we won't be repeating anything this coming weekend...but yet every weekend seems to be just filled to capacity.

We left the great state of Minnesota for high school shenanigans on Saturday..... went to our neighbor to the east....

It took me far to long to realize that there was a reason why a large portion of those around me were dressed head to toe in green with yellow trim. For a while I thought that the citizens of Wisconsin were having their own fashion trend thing.... then I remembered.

I don't really recommend going to Wisconsin the day before they are to play in the Super Bowl.... they get a little excited & your eyes get offended by the fashion.

Losing an entire day to high school shenanigans left me with a single day to do all the things I typically do ~ laundry, cleaning, groceries, lying about and moaning because the weekend is too short ~ so I had to sacrifice and didn't do any real cleaning.

We did watch the Super Bowl... the commercials were fine, although nothing really stood out as a winner in my mind, and the game was at least a contest although I couldn't really root for either team so not having a vested interest in the outcome made it less than exciting.

Scooter pouted - he didn't get to participate in shenanigans on Saturday, we wouldn't let him have any of the good Super Bowl snacks, AND we didn't watch the Puppy Bowl.

I have a feeling Mr. Motorcycle is making it up to him today.

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Chris said...

Poor Scooter!!

Oh, I can only imagine what Wisconsin looked like on Saturday...