Thursday, July 1

They say an Apple a day

I'm not the kind of person who is "WILD FOR APPLE". I spend most of my waking hours operating in PC, and regular plain old no fancy stuff phone; it is what my business requires and denise, so the fruit tends to baffle, confuse and frustrate me.

I'm not used to it and I don't have time to learn it. All of my ipod/itunes learning has come straight from my children and it is not uncommon for me to say things like:

CursingMama: Gameboy, there is an offensive song on my playlist, will you get it off. (hands him old ipod)

Gameboy: You can't get them off that way.

CursingMama: What way?

Gameboy: *sighs* You have to delete it from your play list in itunes, then sync to your ipod.

CursingMama: *blinks*

Gameboy: *hands back ipod*

CursingMama: *hides hands and ipod falls to floor*

Gameboy: *picks up ipod* so you'd like me to do that for you?

CursingMama: You're so sweet to offer

Gameboy: *sighs* what is the offensive song?

CursingMama: I don't remember exactly...why don't you just go through my list and clean things up.

And that is how I get things like Saliva on my ipod which was probably the offensive song in the first place. I like it when his evil plan backfires and I LOVE what he's added so much I won't stop playing it.

Gameboy: That is the fourth time you've played that Marilyn Manson song.

CursingMama: I know, I love it! Thank you for adding it to my play list!

Gameboy: Did you want me to clean up your playlist for you again tonight?

Anyway, I find myself in a situation very similar to that of biblical Adam. I am Tempted by the Fruit of Another (I wonder if that is in our Itunes library? Maybe Gameboy can get me that?!?). The other evening I was at the rink and there was a mom there from another team showing off her shiny new ipad (still snicker when I see that because it really does remind me of feminine products).

I don't know if you realize this, but that ipad is a lot like my netbook except it has a touchy screen and no keyboard. I have NO need for this device and yet...I want one. I don't know why, I don't know what I'd do with it other than flash it around at the rink and say stupid stuff like:

CursingMama: I should check my email on my shiny new ipad.

CursingMama: I could google that on my shiny new ipad.

CursingMama: I should read that on my shiny new ipad.

Wait! then I'd be just like that other lady...
Never mind, I like being an original.


Shelly said...

Planned Obsolescence is annoying enough without the insultingly high price tag. I'm not an 'i', either, and that is part of the reason.

Kailyn said...

Sorry but I just read this post -- as I do most things that pop up in Reader -- on my iPhone. But it's a 3GS and not the shiny new 4 that I covet. The rest of my time I use a PC but Apple is slowly winning me over. When I worked for a non-profit and later in education, we used Macs so I'm comfortable with both. Then again I'm the geeky chick who used to build her own PC.

Chris said...

I think it's a lovely time to kick back and see what else comes out as a tablet computer. :)

Anonymous said...

An iPod Touch does pretty much everything an iPad does (except the phone part) for about half the price. Of course, the screen is a bit smaller...