Wednesday, September 18

What You Shouldn't Yell at Strangers

It's been a strange couple of weeks around the Motorcycle household and in the Widget Factory.  Lots of activities, lots of work to do, lots of things that I can't really post about right now.  

But, I caught wind of this Cragislist Missed Connection and thought I'd share it since I'm a woman, and I have a daughter, sister, mother, and friends that I'd like to think could benefit from what this writer suggests.  I also have a husband, son, brother-in-law, nephews, and friends I hope have never done what happened to the woman.

A thoughtful, well written missed connection I hope everyone reads and would like to think you'll pass on as well.

So, that's where we were. Me, minding my own business. You, apparently observing my ass. At that point you had options...... 

Also, the offender might not know this... but she totally wins!

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