Thursday, July 18

What Summer Should Be

I'm not entirely clear on where summer has gone... we're half way through and I haven't dipped my toe in a single pool or sat around a single bonfire.  I have been on a big family vacation (that is something deserving of its own post which will come... eventually), I visited my good friend Kenny Chesney, and I've possibly been out a night or two.  


But, work is busy and life outside work is busy.  I'm adult, so I expect it.

Ran across this on my favorite radio station website, KFAN (yes it's a sports talk radio station, no they don't ever play music, and I do listen to it almost all day every work day) (my coworkers LOVE me!)

I'm posting it because I remember summer when I was a kid - it went incredibly fast and incredibly slow all at the same time.  We spent long days in the sun floating in the lake, water-skiing, riding our bikes to town for ice cream, playing night games, and dreaming up stunts to pass the time.

This is what summer should be...

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kmkat said...

That is a WONDERFUL video. My own childhood summers were pleasant but lonely (only child living in the country). My boys, on the other hand, had summers rather like the video --just substitute a lake for the pool.