Friday, May 17

My new bestest friend

via Instagram

I sound like I've rented my sinus cavity to an elephant & they have taken up residency. I'm fairly certain that I have blown at least 10 pounds out of my nose, but the scale does not reflect this.  My garbage cans are all filled with tissues.... might want to buy stock in my preferred brand if you can (it's the common name for tissue by the way). I had to stop using the lotion tissues for fear that all that lotion was building up.

BUT!  I'm not taking any medicine today because it is Friday and I will be damned if stupid allergies are going to ruin my happy hour!

Just don't let me leave without my box of tissues.  And, no, one of those convenient travel packs is not enough.


Chris said...

I couldn't survive a day without the medicine... best of luck!

Mary said...

Allegra does not seem to interfere with my husband's beer consumption.