Tuesday, March 27

Kinda Sorta Back'ish

One way to know if I'm back to work is if I happen to know the Forbes Thought of the day (I think I recently mentioned my daily visit from the office to the Forbes web site...)  Today it's rather clever, makes me smile... gives me something to think about...

Forbes Thought Of The Day

I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know a tremendous amount.  I know that I worked my ass off (sadly only in a figurative manner) at the office before I went on vacation.  A similar feat was accomplished at the House of Motorcycle and, what that meant is that, for the 10 days preceding said vacation I managed to get by on 6 or less hours of sleep each night.  The morning before our vacation we sent ThePrincess on her school break -at the airport by 7:00 AM; we worked late into the night...actually early into the morning finishing our tasks and after 3 hours of sleep made the trek back to the airport by 6:00 AM the following morning.

Glutton for punishment? Could be.

In my 5 days of vacation I visited 6 major amusement parks, hit an outlet mall and played a round of mini-golf.  Despite my stellar play on 4 holes my not so stellar play on the remaining 14 left me severely over par and I did not win.... fortunately I hadn't bet anything I wasn't willing to lose. (to Mr. M no doubt).

I know that I LOVE Butter Beer & it is a good thing I can not freely purchase said concoction without significant travel & expense on my part (see literally not smaller bum).

Hogsmead is everything I expected... except for the dragons...

I know that I still love silly rides meant for kids (Haunted Mansion) and that since my last visit to the land of mouse (and the release of some swashbuckling pirate movie) Captain Jack Sparrow now makes an appearance (or 2) in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

I have not gotten over the loss of Mr. Toads Wild Ride.

The Rock-It Roller Coaster is now my favorite (may have something to do with my song selection) (Kenney Chesney - sang the whole way through) (my apologies to anyone who may have been forced to listen) 

In all my years of amusement park working (2 years) & going (35+ years) I have never experienced a ride going "down" while on it.  Because I've never witnessed it live, know what the maintenance staff does to make sure it doesn't happen and rarely hear about it I was assured (in my mind) that it would never happen to me.  

Think again....not once....not twice....not three times.... FOUR TIMES!

Got stuck on the Harry Potter Ride (still rode it again - wicked good)

Got stuck on the Dinosaur Ride (still rode it again - sorta good)

Witnessed the Sticking of the Tower of Terror (still rode it - is scarier than it was the last time I rode it)

Something else got stuck too.... can't really remember what it was... apparently it wasn't that remarkable.

Waited in line for Soarin' - far longer than I waited for anything else - was totally not worth it.... thought it was over rated & not all that good.... kinda stupid actually.... boring... not anything nearly as cool as Spiderman.

Got a little sun - had some fun - drank some margaritas - got almost no sleep - wish I was going back tomorrow but I spent all the money...
What do you know?


Chris said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation! :)

Guinifer said...

I am going to the same place on Wednesday, but I fear I may be attending some hockey games in between amusement parks.