Friday, January 13

Trashy Book Reading Burns Calories!

I don't think that I've hidden the fact that I have become somewhat of a gym rat.  And by that I mean I make a concerted effort to go to a health club (which I pay membership to) at least 4 times a week; when there it is expected that for no less than 45 minutes I will exert a lot of energy, enough to SWEAT.  

I am not a fan of sweating.

If I HAVE to sweat there are preferred ways to make that happen at the gym... and when people get in my way I have a tendency to get a little.... frustrated.  I suppose it is the same kind of frustration I feel when commuting, only I have to refrain from my use of colorful language and am not allowed to give the bird or use my horn. 

They don't have very many of my preferred device of torture.  It is a magical cardio machine that doesn't put any stress on my arthritic knee or wrists & allows me to read trashy books to keep my mind occupied - PERFECT. 

The recent changing of the year has caused a SURGE of new health club members and those people were getting in my way!  I know I want the public to be healthier - I do want people to fulfill their resolutions... I just want them to do it somewhere else.

Fortunately....sorta....the attendance numbers are already slipping!

I suppose this is as good a place as any to admit that despite all of my sweating & food watching I have not lost a single ounce.  My pants don't fit any better and my arms are still floppy.  Things are going to change.... I have seriously pondered hiring a personal trainer....OMG what is happening to me?!?!

I will not give up Happy Hour (and yes I do count those calories)

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Chris said...

Curses! I would be bitter about the gym not showing results, with such diligence!