Wednesday, October 5

A New Policy!

Maybe not a policy...maybe more of a plan or point, or I dunno... I'm calling it a policy until I change my mind which could totally happen tomorrow.

Or in ten minutes.

I forgot to tell you that last weekend (as in the weekend of September 24th & 25th) we cleaned and reorganized the pantry.  Actually, Mr. Motorcycle, added a shelf, cleaned & reorganized the pantry while I cleaned Gameboy's bathroom. (guess which took longer and was more likely to cause a reappearance of breakfast)

Our pantry is something of a found space.  Despite having a kitchen that appears to have a lot of cabinets I have a kitchen that boarders on non-functional and the appearance of space that doesn't really exist.  I have no pictures, so you'll have to trust me on this.

In a move of desperation I began hunting for pantry space; going so far as to locate a wall cavity I thought could be converted .... once open it was discovered that the "useless" wall cavity was actually filled with a heat duct.

The hunt continued and finally I located space that would work, if for nothing more than the overflow goods I find myself with because I shop at a discount warehouse a lot (Costco).  The space used to be an unused wall in our furnace room, now it's a wall filled with shelves & a lot of food.  A Lot Of Food

In Case Of Emergency - Meet Me In The Furnace Room.  You'll have to bring your own water because I don't buy bottled water...but I do have a gross of Britta Filters.

What this has to do with my new policy is that I am being VERY careful about things that don't need to be shoved in the cabinets and shouldn't be in there.  It is much easier to see what we have if things are laid out on the pantry shelves in full view and we are much less likely to end up with 37 cans of creamed corn or notes on the bottom of the grocery list that say:

Clearly this system is a work in progress

PS- Totally missed the 10 on Tuesday yesterday due to workplace obligations.  I managed to get 2 favorite things about weddings typed up & then my coffee break was over, I never had a lunch break and the evening was a complete loss for internet productivity time.  I'm sure it comes as a surprise to nobody that my list was not going to be "appropriate" or politically correct and was going to contain things about open bar and the ability to see family drama unfold under the influence of alcohol.
I always look for the bright spots in family tension and drama when I am not a party to it.
When I am a party to it I look for the exit door or alcohol which ever is closest.
Occasionally one is quickly followed by the other.

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