Wednesday, August 17

There Are Spies Everywhere

There used to be a time I would pick up the newspaper every day, flip to the 3rd section (Variety), open to the 2nd to the last page and read my daily horoscope. I did this every single day in high school. Didn't miss a one. Needed that valuable information to know just how my day was going to go.

If I was going to start dating the school hottie I wanted to make sure I looked good.

Then I went to college and the paper no longer magically appeared every morning, there was no internet (I Know! Can you believe it?!?), and I got out of the habit.

It became less important and I started to rely on things like if the coffee was decent, the donuts fresh, how I slept the night before, and the need for hangover remedies to determine how my day was going to go.

I haven't really matured past that level much since my freshman year of college although through the years there have been variables added. The donuts were dropped (sob!) and fruit was added. The quality and quantity of sleep factor has been taken completely out of my hands, and hangover remedies, although still a part of the indicators, have expanded to include ache and pain remedies as well.

The whole thing can go to hell in a handbasket if I find a new grey hair.

Sometime in the last year I started getting my horoscope delivered to me via twitter every day. I do a pretty good job of reading them but haven't relied on them to help be the barometer to my day because they are not the happy, happy, good news horoscopes of my teens. In my teens they promised fame, fortune, hot dates, and good test scores; these adult horoscopes are not quite so reassuring.

I think they're spying on me....

The demands on your time could be overwhelming because you're surrounded by people with big ideas. Still, you don't want to engage in lighthearted banter and playful games that distract you from your real purpose. Nevertheless, you know how to have a good time; it's just that you would enjoy yourself more if the pressure of unfulfilled obligations wasn't weighing heavily on your mind. Save the long-winded explanations for another time. Simply let others know that it's nothing personal and that you will join in the fun after your work is done.

Clearly I'm not following all of the advice since I felt the urgent need to blog this.

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Chris said...

How many tweets did it take to deliver that horoscope?!