Tuesday, August 23

Calling It Like I See It

I am becoming rather jaded in business. And, so we're clear it isn't just the Widget business, it's the family business, the youth sports business, and even the blog business. I'm tired of lip service, back stabbing, drama, promises unfulfilled.... and it all makes me want to pack up my crayons and go home to pet the dog.

The dog would be thrilled, the rest of the family would probably be confused.

So, I continue on doing the things that I need to do to try and catch that golden snitch of a dream that we have for our retirement and I fight for what I think is right. I refuse to engage in drama, I question lip service, I report back stabbings and I am holding people to their promises.

Because, in the end, I have faith that soon I'll wake peacefully and well rested with Mr. Motorcycle by my side in our Northwoods retreat and we'll still have a lifetime of memory making ahead of us.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Mama. Overly competitive people, whom I presume are the ones you are encountering, really suck. But remember, you are NOT one of them -- you are one of The Good Ones. That's a reason to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Hang in, stick to your plan. It's a good one!

Chris said...

Possibly you need to add more Kinky? ;)