Friday, July 15

Just Living My Life

Warning - I have no plan so this could be a rambler.

As I've alluded to over and over and over again my real life is at a stage of busy totally unknown until now. I'm not sure what I did, or how it happened, or why all of these things have converged on me at one time - but they have and I am left to deal with the mess.

I've learned some things about myself in the process....

  • If I write exercise on the calendar - actually schedule it, I usually end up doing it.
  • If I exercise every day the stress of the rest of the day subsides.
  • Just because you exercised it doesn't mean you can't clean-up and still go to happy hour
  • Happy hour with friends helps take some of that stress away too
  • That doesn't mean I have a drinking problem, I could do happy hour with a diet coke and be just as happy.
  • True friends are invaluable.
  • I refuse to let my job own me, my status as a parent define me, or a single attribute make up who I am.

Tonight, after work, I'll make a trip to the gym, have a light dinner afterwards, make my shopping lists for tomorrow, wrangle some laundry, read a trashy novel (I need to update GoodReads Desperately - wish I could do it from my Nook!), enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine with my husband and probably crawl into bed early so I'm rested for a very busy Saturday.

All in all life isn't so bad... just busy...and sometimes that gets me down.


Chris said...

I hope you get some down time... too much busyness exhausts me.

Anonymous said...

Love this and YOU!