Wednesday, June 29

If I didn't Share Enough Titles

I realize that I got carried away with last weeks 10 on Tuesday and may have listed a book or two more than the 10 requested but I am after all a reader so it shouldn't have come as a surprise. Having said that (or typed that) it should come as no surprise that I have another book to recommend and possibly another I forgot to add to last weeks list...

Which I Reviewed Yesterday


Which I Reviewed Last May

I'll be reviewing another book tomorrow at Not So Humble Opinions, it's non-fiction and probably doesn't qualify as a beach read for most - but that doesn't mean it wasn't good so I hope you'll check it out tomorrow.

What is a bit frustrating is I've got to decide just what I'm going to take with me for the holiday weekend.... I have a nice TBR list in Goodreads....I just don't know what to buy next so if anyone has a suggestion or 2 let me know. This is the weekend of sun, sand, surf, margaritas, and lots of reading!

There will be cookies and explosives too.


Unknown said...

Have you read Discovery of Witches? Fab book!

Chris said...

I just have several hundred unread ebooks on my reader all the time, so I don't have to pick books for vacation. :)